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10 Secret Santa Gifts for Under £10

secret santa gifts under £10

We’ve all been there. You have drawn your Secret Santa recipient, you have extracted a crisp tenner from the cashpoint, you’re looking for a secret santa gift under £10 to buy … and suddenly, you find yourself devoid of inspiration.

Pop that tenner back in your wallet and fish out your debit card instead. It’s time to go online shopping. No, we don’t mean that you can cheat and resort to a gift voucher. Instead, you can draw inspiration from Amazon and pick up one of these amusing gifts for a reasonable price.

calma llama stree reliever

Calma Llama Stress Toy

Do you know a Drama Llama? Every workplace, family and social circle has one. The person that falls to pieces at the slightest provocation and needs to be talked down from the ledge on a seemingly constant basis.

These people need a little tranquillity in their lives. Enter the Calma Llama – a squeezable stress toy to release all that pent-up anxiety. It’s cute, it smells good, and unlike a real llama, it won’t spit at passers-by. We cannot stress the importance of that final point enough.

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die hard christmas story book

A Die Hard Christmas: The Illustrated Holiday Classic

What’s your favourite festive tale? A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens? How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss? At Christmas Time by Anton Chekhov? Die Hard by John McTiernan?

If you answered with the latter, you are obviously correct and boast impeccable taste. Now you can educate your Secret Santa recipient with this picture book adaptation of the classic festive-themed action extravaganza. Just be warned, this is a comedy gifted intended for adults – it retains all the violence and salty language that make the movie so enduring. Yippee ki yay indeed.

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christmas chocolate sprouts

Milk Chocolate Sprouts

If there are two foods that define the spirit of Christmas, it’s sprouts and chocolate. Now both can be combined in this gift, which offers three 25g grams of individually wrapped milk chocolate sprouts. Rest assured, the chocolate is tasty and high-quality. Just don’t get confused and pop them in the oven.

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mens multi-colour propellor hat

Men’s Propellor Hat

Some looks never go out of style, including the humble propellor hat. This is mainly because this particular headwear was never in style to begin with, but that’s by the by.

This is a great novelty gift for a male Secret Santa recipient with a sense of humour or deeply questionable dress sense. It’s unmistakable, provides plentiful photo opportunities, and may even save on flight costs for next year’s foreign holiday.

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The hangover ladybird for adults funnybook

The Ladybird Book of the Hangover

Christmas can be a confusing time. It’s not unheard of to wake up in the morning asking a range of questions. Why is there a small person wearing very heavy shoes living in your brain? Why is a video of you singing Copacabana on the karaoke machine going viral on social media? How did that traffic cone end up in bed with you?

Ladybird books have long been used to explain complex issues to children, and now the range extends to adults too. Pick up this gift for anybody likely to struggle with a hangover during the festive season. It will clear up any longer questions about a confusing situation, if not a foggy brain.

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Gin infusions tea bags

‘Tea Bag’ Gin Infusions

Move over, flavoured vodka – you’re yesterday’s news. Gin is the new kid on the block when it comes to unique alcoholic concoctions. Not everybody is keen to commit to a whole bottle of flavoured gin without testing the taste first, though. These tea bag-style infusions will help with that.

First thing’s first – despite the name, these are not tea bags. Don’t pop one in a china cup and serve it to your Gran unless you want socks every year for the rest of your life. They can be applied to a traditional glass of gin, however, infusing the flavour with nine unique taste sensations. Perfect for gin lovers, or anybody curious about trying fruity spirits.

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LED light up gloves

LED Light Up Gloves

No matter how old and supposedly mature we are, somethings will always spark joy. Shove a sparkler in the hands of an adult or child on Bonfire Night and you’ll get the same response – a gleeful attempt to spell their name in the night sky.

This endeavour can be expanded throughout winter with these battery-operated LED gloves, which provide constant illumination. Perfect for standing out in a crowd, looking the part at an all-night rave when you’re forgotten your glow sticks, and performing a convincing impression of E.T.’s glowing finger.

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My Cuppa Tea pantone colour matching mug

Pantone Tea Matching Mug

It’s a universal truth that people who make bad tea worship chaos. This issue is magnified when the recipient is particularly fussy about the shade of their drink. Whether they prefer a milky cup of toddler tea or a brew that would make a builder blush, getting the colour right is all important.

This mug is the perfect gift for such a recipient. It’s equipped with a Pantone colour guide, so the ideal shade of brown can be pinpointed and matched. Just be prepared to be sent back to the kitchen if you return with an inappropriate beverage. With this mug, excuses will not be tolerated.

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suck-uk dead fred pen holder

Dead Fred Pen Holder

There are two things in this life that are endlessly frustrating. Not having somewhere to keep a pen or pencil when not in use, and a repressed desire to stab things. Granted, one of those is more concerning than the other, but Dead Fred resolves both.

This is the gift for anybody that is constantly losing their pen, whether you suspect they harbour homicidal intent or not. When necessary, simply stick the pen into poor ol’ Fred’s body. There it will stay until needed again. Posing the corpse for imaginary crime scene photos and booking out the company boardroom to interview suspects remains voluntary.

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Wooden elephant desk organiser

Wooden Elephant Desk Organiser

Some people say that a messy desk equals a messy mind. Granted, some people also say that the earth is flat, so we shouldn’t too much attention to what, “some people” say. All the same, in the case of messy desks, we’re inclined to agree.

This organiser is essential for anybody that sprawls the contents of their desk across multiple locations. It provides helpful slots for stationary and a smartphone, so there can be no excuse for encroachment on somebody else’s workplace. The design also comes in a range of colours, varying from plain white to increasingly funky.

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