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10 Secret Santa Gifts for Under £5

secret santa gifts under £5

Placing a £5 price cap on a Secret Santa gift can be a simultaneous blessing and curse. You’re likely already haemorrhaging money during the festive season. The idea of digging deep to purchase yet another gift may not be appealing. You’ll be keen to keep things cheap and cheerful. On the other hand, have you ever tried to buy secret santa gifts under £5 these days? You may struggle for inspiration to keep to budget when it’s pitched low.

There’s no need to draw a smiley face on a toilet roll tube and claim that it’s a piece of modern art (although the Tate would probably display it you did). Here are ten examples of gifts that will raise a smile – or an eyebrow – without exceeding the cost of a Gingerbread latte.

santa wine bottle cover

Christmas Sweater Wine Bottle Cover

Some things just have to be done at Christmas. Nodding politely during Uncle Keith’s three-hour discussion of his telegraph pole photograph collection will be followed by watching the Wizard of Oz and pretending that you’re not still terrified of the flying monkeys.

On the plus side, Christmas also offers an excuse to open a bottle of wine for breakfast. If you’re pouring Merlot on your cornflakes, this wine bottle jumper will hide the evidence of a half-empty vessel.

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grow a sloth toy

Grow a Sloth Toy

If turkey is the animal you associate most with Christmas, you’re doing the festive season wrong. You should be doing your best impression of a sloth. Slumped on the sofa with your eyes half-closed, sporadically moving just enough to reassure your family that you’re still alive … that’s the sweet spot.

If you need inspiration, pick up this toy for a Secret Santa recipient. All it needs is a drop of water to grow to up to six times its natural size. Once dry it returns to normal size, meaning the process can be repeated.

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balloon animal modelling kit

Balloon Animal Modelling Kit

Drawn a Secret Santa gift recipient that is full of hot air? Then this is the perfect gift. With 32 balloons of various shades, and instructions on how to shape them into different animals, you’ll have an inflatable Noah’s Ark on your hands in no time.

Who knows? The recipient may discover a hitherto-untapped passion and enrol in Clown College during the New Year. We can accept no responsibility of your children drop out of medical school to do so, though.

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I may be wrong mouse mat

“I May be Wrong, but I Doubt it” Mouse Mat

Three things in this life are certain – death, taxes, and that nobody on the internet will ever admit to being wrong. If you’re concerned that somebody in your life is wavering in their firm belief that the Specific Ocean borders Asia and Australia, this is the gift for them.

The mouse mat is made of vinyl, so incredulous spits of water when somebody on social media posts a dissenting opinion won’t stain. If you prefer something a little less sarcastic, other designs are available. None of them will promote quite the same sense of ill-considered confidence, though.

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multi-tool pen

Multi-Tool Pen

Nobody ever has a pen when they need one. Using such an instrument pen simply to write is for suckers, though – that’s like using an Apple Watch to tell the time. What your Secret Santa recipient really needs is this 4-in-1 gizmo, boasting a pen, spirit level, screwdriver and ruler in one.

Just imagine the possibilities. Tuck this bad boy into your pocket and you can assemble an IKEA desk, spend hours carefully balancing it with books so the infernal thing stops wobbling and write an angry complaint letter that you’ll forget to send in one fell swoop!

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flick-a-chicken toy

Flick-a-Chicken Novelty Catapult

You know what kids like? Projectile weapons. Nothing pleases a young person more than the opportunity to fling small objects across a room. Bonus points if they manage to land their target straight in Dad’s glass of whiskey.

To minimise the risk of spilling a 15-year-old single malt, invest in this chicken-shaped catapult. It offers all the fun of firing a toy across seemingly impossible distances, without small parts being swallowed by pets or hitting Auntie Vera square in the eye.

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paladone face mat masks

Paladone Face Mat Drinks Coasters

We all start with the best of intentions at Christmas dinner. The fine china and polished silver cutlery make their annual appearance, and everybody is careful to use a coaster. Until they’re three glasses of Bucks Fizz down anyway, at which point all bets are off.

Combat those frustrations by gifting these face coasters. There’s 20 in a pack, so you can mix-and-match, and they can be clipped to the nose and worn. If you’ve always wondered what your husband would look like with a Magnum PI moustache, this is a chance to learn.

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mini heart scented candles

5 Mini Heart Scented Candle & Ceramic Candle Holders

Everybody loves a scented candle, especially when the entire family have been ticking into sprouts for several days. This gift set offers an adorable set of five heart-shaped candles and holders, each of which has its own unique scent. It’s ideal for somebody that you don’t know too well, or who you’ve been harbouring a deep-seated crush upon for years. You can find other great gift sets at Next.

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heinz bean tin secret safe

SafeCan Heinz Baked Beanz Secret Stash

We all have secret treasures that need to be protected from prying eyes. This replica tin is the perfect camouflage for emergency cash and credit cards, spare keys, or the last few Quality Street that you plan to illicitly munch when everybody goes to bed.

Keep this in your kitchen and nobody will be any the wiser. Just be warned – using it to hide a secret stash of baked beans will probably end up being counterproductive.

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dark side light side light switch

Dark Side/Light Side Light Switch Sticker

You can tell a lot about a person by who they root for when watching Star Wars. Unfortunately, those that tend to sympathise with the Empire rarely out themselves for fear of being shunned. This vinyl sticker will reveal all.

Perhaps more importantly though, it’s a bit of fun. Slap the sticker over a light switch and you’ll have a far more interesting visual than simple on or off options. It’s the perfect gift for an aspiring jedi or Sith lord in your life.

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